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EDSITEment provides access to NEH-funded media resources including videos, podcasts, lectures, interactives for the classroom, and film projects. Each resource includes questions to prompt analysis, connections to other NEH-related resources, and links to related EDSITEment lessons and materials.

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American Vernacular Music Manuscripts

NEH-funded American "Vernacular Music Manuscripts, ca. 1730-1910: Digital Collections from the American Antiquarian Society and the Center for Popular Music" offers handwritten music manuscripts by common Americans, containing primary and direct evidence of their musical preferences during a particular time and in a particular place.

In the Field: War Ink

Chris Brown and Jason Deitch discuss the NEH-funded project "War Ink," which collaborates with veterans and libraries to tell the stories of veterans' tattoo art.

In the Field: Dialogues on the Experience of War

Learn about an NEH-funded program for veterans and college students in California, which places classical literature and the Greek-Trojan wars in dialogue with letters, articles, literature and documentaries about more recent conflicts and provides veterans a space to speak about their experiences.

Constitution Day

Celebrating the day the United States Constitution was signed, on September 17, 1787, and sent to the individual states for debate and ratification.

Ask an NEH Expert: Writing and Editing

Dana Williams, Howard University English Department Chair and professor of African American literature, discusses the writing and editing process.

Ask an NEH Expert: Building an Argument

In this "Ask an NEH Expert" interview, Margaret Hughes, Associate Director for Education at Historic Hudson Valley, discusses crafting an argument and working with primary sources to support your claims.

Ask an NEH Expert: Validating Sources

Leslie Hayes, the New York Historical Society's Director of Education, discusses how to engage with primary and secondary sources in historical research projects—and how to proceed when sources say very different things.